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When reconciliation is made up on violent memories Theme :   About memorialisation Link :

Mankind of War – The History of Sri Lanka

போருக்குப்பின்னான மனிதம் – இலங்கையின் வரலாற்றுப் பக்கங்கள் Theme : Value-Based Society Link :

Use your voting right intelligently

ඔබේ ඡන්ද අයිතිය බුද්ධිමත්ව භාවිතා කරන්න Theme : Civic Responsibility Link : ඔබේ ඡන්ද අයිතිය බුද්ධිමත්ව භාවිතා කරන්න​

Waiting for the disappeared 29-09-2017

අතුරුදහන් වූවන් එනතුරු බලාසිටින්නෝ Theme : People and humanizing Link : අතුරුදහන් වූවන් එනතුරු බලාසිටින්නෝ


Mothers who have lost their children and the duty of society Theme : People and humanizing


Until today, the government has not taken any concrete steps for the Tamil people to live in peace Theme : Peace Building


It is not difficult to facilitate reconciliation! Theme : Peace Building


The pathetic situation of the affected community continues! Theme : Social Issues  


Think afresh about the future of Sri Lanka Theme : Peace Building

Let us as Citizens think afresh about the future of Sri Lanka 03-09-2017

As Citizens  of Sri Lanka let us think with a new perspective Theme : Peace Building