The first Dialogue Workshop at the Matara District 15.07.2017

• Recent flood in the south (thieves broke into flooded home to rob any remaining item) 1. Period of War – (the last bomb was in Godapitiya which claimed many lives and destroyed a temple) 2. Solid waste issue in Muthurajawela. The waste mismanagement in Muthurajawila (out of the village) has caused dengue) • Murder in Kamburupitiya – (The recent unfortunate incident in Kamburupitiya, where a father took his life and the lives of his three children by hanging themselves)


• The map describes the Era of Terror (JVP Insurgency- the hard process community went through during the JVP insurgency and its impact on the community), period of War ( the hard experience due to the fear and uncertain of the future, sacrificed life of brothers and disabled youth) disaster in the village (A recent traumatic experience was recalled of how a deaf and dumb, mentally unstable ,43 year old woman tortured and killed her 73 year old mother who was her care taker. The gruesome nature of the murder has unsettled the entire village.



1. Era of terror – JVP insurgency
Expalining the horror experienced and how difficult situation was.
1. Villages were asked to submit ID card and forced to live in darkness as kerosene lamps had to be put out after a certain time at night.
2. Bodies were burnt on the street with tires – busses were set on fire
3. Villagers were forced by JVP to take part in protests – and then put through terror by the army to disperse.
4. Bombing of a small bridge and the terror followed by being in the wrong place at the wrong time
5. People had to walk far to buy groceries as most shops were closed, they were not allowed to visit other homes, factories and tea plantations were forced to close down.
6. People were not allowed to vote (by JVP)
7. Both the army and JVP terrorized the people.
8. Couldn’t listen to the radio or read a newspaper – the army and JVP carried out surveillance of homes. If caught breaking any rules, they were given one warning after which they would have been tortured.

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